Hot Yoga Towel Activator Blue

Yoga Towel Activator - Blue
yogitoes activator
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yogitoes® SKIDLESS®, Manduka eQua, and other yoga towels are a normally a bit slippery before you start sweating during your yoga class.  Our hot yoga towel activator eliminates the problem.  Just add water and lightly mist your yogitoes® SKIDLESS® yoga towel and you will be able to get a firm grip from the start.  The bottle is the size of a highlighter with a clip on the cap.  Small and easy to carry with you.  Use it with your yogitoes® SKIDLESS®, Manduka eQua or any other yoga towel designed for hot yoga that has the problem of a slippery surface when dry.  You can even use the activator to freshen up your face with a few spritz during hot yoga class or any time during the day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018