Classical Stretch - stretching for GOLF - the esmonde technique

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When many of her regular students reported big improvements to their golf games, Miranda decided to team up with golf teacher Christiane Despatie, who together designed a workout to specifically suit the needs of golfers. This workout will quickly and affectively loosen the hip and the back muscles, dramatically improving the participant’s golf game while simultaneously relieving back and shoulder pain. 

This Stretching for Golf DVD includes the following segments: tips for improving your golf swing, a 6-minute stretch program to do prior to a game, and a 38-minute conditioning program to be used during the entire golf season and to
prepare the body during off-season. 

This DVD consists of two separate workouts: 

Part 1 Original pre-game stretches: This workout will add flexibility to the upper back and hips for an improved game. This 6 minute workout is designed to be done on the green just before starting a round. These unique simple exercises
are aimed at warming up the spine, hips and shoulders. 

Part 2 Conditioning: This workout offers long term results for increased range of motion as well as relief from golf related muscle soreness & pain.

This is a 38 minute full body workout to be done at home 2 to 3 times per week as a conditioning program to prepare and maintain your body for a more pleasurable & successful golf season. The purpose of this conditioning program is to improve the golf swing and prevent back, hip & knee pain. These exercises are aimed at strengthening and stretching the abdominal, back, knee and hip muscles. 

DVD Breakdown

  • Introduction 3 mins
  • Golf Swing Tips 3 mins
  • Pregame Stretch 6 mins
  • Golf Stretch Workout 38 mins
Wednesday, February 21, 2018